Symas’s goal is to provide organizations with the highest quality IAM infrastructure solutions and services while addressing their desire for vendor independence and cost effectiveness. Our products are open source, adhere to standards, yet provide the highest scalability, performance, and security. They are maintained and supported by the most qualified experts in the field. Symas products include:

Symas OpenLDAP Directory

Symas OpenLDAP Directory (also known as Symas OpenLDAP) is the most efficient, flexible, stable, and performing directory server engine on the market. Based on OpenLDAP and other Open Source software, Symas OpenLDAP Directory Server contains everything you need to deploy high-performance, robust, and secure LDAP directory services on most modern platforms (Linux, UNIX, AIX, Mac OS X, and Windows). Symas OpenLDAP Directory is streamlined for simple setup and administration. For greater deployment flexibility and to maintain “as is” legacy environments, a choice of high-performance transaction-oriented databases is provided, including: a conventional database based on the Oracle Berkeley DB and a memory-mapped database (Symas Lightning Memory-Mapped DB), based on our new Open Source memory-mapped b-tree technology. Benefits include:

  • High performance and high availability
  • Online recovery-less backups
  • No tuning required, easy to configure
  • Automatic, immediate recovery
  • Support for secure authentication methods, encryption, and replication.

Symas Unified User Management

Symas Unified User Management is a middleware solution that consolidates management for Authentication and Authorization, greatly simplifying user information control and audit.  The consolidated user information can easily be replicated for performance or reliability.  Symas Unified User Management’s sophisticated caching algorithms can reduce authentication an authorization round-trip times by up to a factor of 10 over legacy deployments. Symas Unified User Management works with any LDAP-compliant directory server and is supported on Linux, UNIX, Solaris, AIX, and HPUX systems. Benefits include:

  • Stronger authentication control, security, and audit
  • Significantly accelerates authentication and authorization response rates
  • Interoperates with any LDAP-compliant directory server
  • Reduces authentication and name services network traffic
  • Improves authentication services availability
  • Facilitates large scale directory deployments
  • Improves the performance, security and manageability of distributed directory services

Fortress Access Control SDK

Fortress Access Control SDK is a standards-based Open Source Identity Access Management Java SDK for ANSI-compliant Role-Based Access Control and LDAP compliant systems.  Its rich access control API facilitates the development and deployment of policy based access applications, leveraging Role-Based Access Controls and the services of Symas Access Policy Manager and Symas OpenLDAP Directory. Together, Fortress Access Control SDK and Symas Unified User Management provide a mainframe-class security provisioning platform, ensuring that the most stringent compliance requirements are met.  Highlights include:

  • Support for Symas Unified User Management and OpenLDAP Directory
  • Comprehensive API with 120 access control services including
    • User and roles management including hierarchical roles
    • Separation of duties
    • Password policies
    • Audit trail and history
    • Cloud services enabled with support for multi-tenancy
    • Identity, access control and auditing standards compliant for optimum interoperability
    • Cost effective: Open source licensing.  Easy to install, configure and maintain
    • Privileged Identity Management