• Cloud or On-Prem, Managed or Unmanaged, the Choice is Yours!
    Have the best LDAP directory services your way: Our professional staff will set up and manage your directory in the cloud or on your premises, or we can provide your staff with the best operations training available in the industry.
  • Leverage Open Source and Open Systems with Confidence with our Mainframe-Class Role Based Access Control (RBAC) solutions!
    Meet the most stringent compliance and security requirements with Symas Unified User Management and Fortress Access Control SDK, our Data Center grade Open Source ANSI standard RBAC middleware and SDK!
  • Save on License Costs with Open Source! Get the Support From the Team that Wrote OpenLDAP!
    Symas OpenLDAP is the leading open source implementation of LDAP directory services and libraries. Achieve vendor independence with the highest levels of compatibility and integration! Get industry-recognized 24 by 7 support from the team that knows it best!
  • Run the largest Directories with Ease!
    Take advantage of Symas’s high availability and performance, easy configuration, fast recovery directory engine and cut down on administration costs! With Symas, the number of backups is reduced, data base reloads and on-going tuning efforts are eliminated.
  • Dramatically cut the number of servers while improving performance and stability of your directory services!
    Symas OpenLDAP Directory leverages the latest features in modern Operating Systems and a ”lightning-fast” Memory Mapped Data Base with sophisticated concurrency management, lockless reads, and single-level store to deliver incomparable performance and stability, at greatly reduced administration and deployment costs!
  • Join the growing community of large user
    Whether you are running databases with one million, a hundred million, or even more, entries, Symas provides performance and stability with minimal hardware. That’s why some of the largest and most demanding organizations in the world run their directory services on Symas.
Billions of Entries served,
3 Continents, 5 Fortune 100
Welcome to the best performing, most scalable, stable and cost effective directory server technology on the market.

With Symas you can support hundreds of millions of records in one instance, provide low latencies to your users and applications, save on software costs with open source technology, and receive stellar support from recognized industry experts. You will reduce your administrative workload with the most stable self-tuning directory engine, and meet the most stringent compliance and security requirements with our mainframe-class ANSI-standard Role Based Access Control middleware and SDK. Join the growing number of Fortune 100 organizations who run their mission critical directory services on Symas technology.