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We offer high availability, performance, easy configuration and fast recovery. Reduce your backups and eliminate your database reloads.

Support Subscriptions

Through our annual support packages we offer real time technical support, architectural consults, subscription based services, and feature improvements for LDAP installations.

Lightning Memory-mapped Database

Our lightning-fast memory-mapped database offers sophisticated concurrency management, lockless reads and single-level store to deliver incomparable performance and stability.

Delivering open source IAM infrastructure solutions and enterprise support from the most qualified experts in the field.


Products We Offer

Apache Fortress

Offering role-based access control that’s production-ready, open source and fully supported, so you can regulate the access privileges of each person within your enterprise based on their role within your organization.
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Symas OpenLDAP Directory

Based on open source software, it is everything you will need to deploy high-performance, robust, and secure OpenLDAP directory services on most modern platforms.
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Symas LMDB Database

The Lightning  Memory-mapped Database has the read performance of a pure in-memory database while retaining the persistence of standard disk-based databases.
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Symas Responds as Red Hat and SuSE Prepare to Abandon OpenLDAP Users

As the main contributors to the OpenLDAP code base, we’re disappointed that Red Hat and SuSE are planning to discontinue support for OpenLDAP directory server resources from their new releases. We are also here to help.

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We pride ourselves on offering the best  support based on the following:

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  • Quality Service
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Continual R&D
  • Documentation

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Training Classes

Symas provides education in LDAP directory services through remote and on-site courses designed to help students achieve proficiency in the deployment, optimization and maintenance of LDAP and Symas-based identity and access management infrastructure.

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