Pioneering OpenLDAP since 1999

Symas delivers open source IAM infrastructure solutions and enterprise support from the most qualified experts in the field. We help organizations achieve vendor independence, scalability and superior performance in directory services.

We founded Symas Corporation in 1999. From the start, we saw opportunity in OpenLDAP and based our development on it — though at the time, it was a relatively young open source software development project. It needed a lot of work on portability, architecture and functionality before it could be brought to market. Symas founder Howard Chu was instrumental in bringing that work to fruition.

As our first commercial customers began coming through our door, we started building support into our offerings. We had to. As pioneers in OpenLDAP, we recognized that no other firm had the experience in source code, various related projects, or enterprise deployments to deliver the support that our customers needed.

Since then, we’ve continued to improve our offerings and blaze new trails.

What Symas Does

  • We help enterprises introduce new or improved directories for security, identity management, network management, and more
  • We help customers convert existing directories from older proprietary products
  • We offer open source RBAC for Java through a pre-built, pre-tested bundle that integrates our OpenLDAP libraries and server for easy installation and operation
  • We offer game-changing improvements in performance, scalability, and manageability through the memory-mapped database we introduced

Our customers rely on us for the scalability and performance of their LDAP infrastructure, their access management policy application deployments, their role-based requirements, and our high-quality technical support. On that, we’re proud to deliver.

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