Pioneering OpenLDAP since 1999

Symas delivers open source IAM infrastructure solutions and enterprise support from the most qualified experts in the field. We help organizations achieve vendor independence, scalability and superior performance in directory services.

We founded Symas Corporation in 1999. From the start, we saw opportunity in OpenLDAP and based our development on it — though at the time, it was a relatively young open source software development project. It needed a lot of work on portability, architecture and functionality before it could be brought to market. Symas founder Howard Chu was instrumental in bringing that work to fruition.

As our first commercial customers began coming through our door, we started building support into our offerings. We had to. As pioneers in OpenLDAP, we recognized that no other firm had the experience in source code, various related projects, or enterprise deployments to deliver the support that our customers needed.

What We Do

  • We help enterprises introduce new or improved directories for security, identity management, network management, and more
  • We help customers convert existing directories from older proprietary products
  • We offer open source RBAC for Java through a pre-built, pre-tested bundle that integrates our OpenLDAP libraries and server for easy installation and operation
  • We offer game-changing improvements in performance, scalability, and manageability through the memory-mapped database we introduced

Our customers rely on us for the scalability and performance of their LDAP infrastructure, their access management policy application deployments, their role-based requirements, and our high-quality technical support. On that, we’re proud to deliver.

Founders and Leaders

Howard Chu | CTO, Chief Architect

Specialist in distributed information technologies. Experience at JPL, Locus Computing, & PLATINUM. Member & Chief Architect of the OpenLDAP Core Team.

Emmanuel Lécharny | Software Architect

Core developer and member of the Apache Software Foundation™. Active contributor to the Apache Directory Server™ project, current chairman of the Apache MINA™ project. Previous positions include Technical Officer at Atos and Technical Committee Member for Wanadoo, the Orange ISP.

Matthew Hardin | President, CEO

Extensive background in development and delivery of user management, networking and file management products at Locus Computing and PLATINUM technology.

Shawn McKinney | Software Architect

Chair of the Apache Directory™ project management committee and member of the Apache Software Foundation.  Previously on the OpenLDAP engineering team.

James Lowden | Software Architect

 He brings with him 30 years of experience on Wall Street in software and database design, specializing in systems that support quantitative analysis.

Marty Heyman | President

Marketing and Development Executive at IBM, Locus Computing, Palyn-Gould Group and two software start-ups since acquired by Microsoft and EMC.

Quanah Gibson-Mount | Product Architect

Core OpenLDAP member and Release Engineer for the OpenLDAP project.  Quanah has significant experience in the design and deployment of LDAP and LDAP-based applications.  Prior positions include Platform Architect for Zimbra and Principal Software Developer at Stanford Univeristy.


Jean Masters

Customer Relationship Manager: Experience in project & program management and business analysis, Jean handles tasks such as subscription management, ticket tracking and contract administration.

Ondrej Kuznik

Software Developer: Experience in distributed systems, software security, and OpenLDAP internals.

Nadezhda Ivanova

Software Developer: Experience in Directory Services, embedded software, and network protocols development.

Maryanne Normann

Technologist: Over 30 years of experience on multiple platforms, multiple databases, and in multiple programming languages.

Greg Noe

Technical Support: Specialist in OpenLDAP directory design and support.

Edgar Resendiz

Technical Support: Specialist in Active Directory, OpenLDAP integration and directory design and support.

Read Our Blog!

Our team is often writing articles and technical papers to help our customers achieve efficiency and stability with their directories. See what we’ve been writing.

Work for Symas

Symas is always on the lookout for extraordinary permanent and contract employees, especially IAM visionaries. We like to surround ourselves with bright, competent people who value a healthy work-life balance and work hard at solving interesting problems.
We thrive at providing the best solutions and services to customers — which include several of the world’s largest organizations. As an open source company, we share constantly between ourselves and our community, enjoy each other’s company and demonstrate openness and transparency. We live and work in New York, Colorado, California and Europe, but get together regularly.

Current Needs


Skills We Look For

  • Expertise in communication, single sign-on and security protocols (HTTP, LDAP, Kerberos, TLS, SAML, etc)
  • Demonstrated software development abilities in C, Java, COBOL and Python
  • Mainframe database internals, including IMS and VSAM
  • Large-system management skills using automation tools such as Chef, Puppet, others
  • Ability to build and test development and implementation using Jenkins and similar tools
  • Web designers, UI and backend developers

Perks We Enjoy

  • A supportive and stimulating work environment
  • The ability to work from home in any part of the world
  • Opportunities for global travel

Benefits We Offer

  • Company-paid health, dental and vision benefits for permanent US employees
  • 401k and profit sharing plans