Meet the People Behind Symas

Symas is driven by a team of business, product and engineering executives who’ve worked at organizations including IBM, Locus Computing, FIS and Jet Propulsion Laboratory. We bring advanced expertise in database, network, financial and distributed computing.

Founders and Leaders

Howard Chu: CTO, Chief Architect

Specialist in distributed information technologies including X.500/LDAP at University of Michigan. Experience at JPL, Locus Computing, and PLATINUM technology. Member and Chief Architect of the OpenLDAP Core Team.

Matthew Hardin: President, CEO

Extensive background in development and delivery of user management, networking and file management products at Locus Computing and PLATINUM technology.

Marty Heyman: COO

Marketing and Development Executive at IBM, Locus Computing, Palyn-Gould Group and two software start-ups since acquired by Microsoft and EMC.

Emmanuel Lécharny: Software Architect

Core developer and member of the Apache Software Foundation™. Active contributor to the Apache Directory Server™ project, current chairman of the Apache MINA™ project. Previous positions include Technical Officer at Atos and Technical Committee Member for Wanadoo, the Orange ISP.

Shawn McKinney: Software Architect

Member of the Apache Directory Server™ project management committee and OpenLDAP engineering team.  Previously held positions as security architect and manager at FIS.

Quanah Gibson-Mount: Product Architect

Core OpenLDAP member and Release Engineer for the OpenLDAP project.  Quanah has significant experience in the design and deployment of LDAP and LDAP-based applications.  Prior positions include Platform Architect for Zimbra and Principal Software Developer at Stanford Univeristy.

Supporting Staff, Core Technical Team

Emily Backes: Product Engineer

Specialist in OpenLDAP integration and directory design. Experience at California State University, Northridge and over ten years at Symas.

Nadezhda Ivanova: Senior Software Engineer

Core Samba Team member with experience in Directory Services, embedded software, and network protocols development.

Edgar Resendiz: Product Engineer

Specialist in Active Directory and OpenLDAP integration and directory design and support.

Greg Noe: Product Engineer

Specialist in OpenLDAP directory design and support.

Jason Trupp: Product Engineer

Specialist in OpenLDAP and Windows Server.

Ondrej Kuznik: Senior Software Engineer

Software generalist with background in distributed systems, software
security, and OpenLDAP internals. Experience with business management and database systems.

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