A new download site is available for our products:

What’s new?
Better organization and navigation

We have redesigned the download page to make what you’re looking for faster and easier.  Downloads are clearly organized by product, edition, operating system/architecture and release number.  The most recent releases are presented first, and older versions are only a click away.  Also, you now have the ability to easily review product release notes before downloading.

Better account management

You now have the ability to manage your account from one page.  This includes updating personal information, your account password and manage your download keys.  You can clearly see the status of all your download keys and quickly and easily add new ones.

Better site performance and reliability

The download site has been completely rewritten to improve response time, browser compatibility and and availability.  We think you’ll see a noticeable difference.

When will the new site be available?

The new site is available now.  Your existing download site username and password remain the same.

We welcome your feedback: support@symas.com

- The Symas team