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The Apache Directory Project announces the 8th release of Fortress

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Application Security, Fortress, OpenLDAP

The Apache Directory Project announces version 2.0.1 of Apache Fortress

Apache Fortress is a computer security access management facility written in Java. Other platforms use the Apache Fortress Rest component. Fortress provides a fine-grained authorization security model using role-based access control semantics. It’s built to scale to many thousands of requests per second on top of a fault-tolerant backend using LDAP and runs in many production environments today.

New features include:

• Unix RFC2307bis posixAccount (User) and posixGroup (Role) auxiliary object classes.
• Enforcement of arbitrary constraints during role activation with dynamic attributes like location, organization and account.

View the 2.0.1 Release notes with complete list

Symas &  Apache Fortress

Symas software architect, Shawn McKinney,  played an integral part of developing Fortress back in 2009. Click here for more history.  Shawn still plays a leading role in development, technical support, and documentation for Apache Fortress.

Apache Fortress and Symas OpenLDAP can work together to manage the access privileges of each person in your organization using RBAC and ABAC models. Additionally we currently offer service contracts for these systems.

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