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ApacheCon 2017: Symas Teams with Evolveum on Identity Governance Talk at ApacheCon

by | May 19, 2017 | Identity Management

How to Govern and Maintain Compliance Using Open Source Identity Management Components - Katarina Valalikova, Evolveum & Shawn McKinney, Symas Corporation As platform usages continue to expand, so too will the number of identities, which corresponds with a need to govern. There are many reasons. First, it enables people to perform their assigned duties. Second, it prevents unauthorized subjects from committing unwanted actions. Third, it converts manual, error-prone and inefficient identity processes to be automated, verified and compliant. This session introduces the midPoint IdM system released under the ASL 2.0 license. It can be combined with other open source infrastructure components, like Apache Directory, or PostgreSQL, to provide a complete identity management and governance system. There will be a demo showing how midPoint can bind with inbound resources like Peoplesoft, and outbound resources like Google Apps and ActiveDirectory. Advanced topics of organizational unit controls and self-service admin will be touched upon.

View the full demo below.

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