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Howard Chu to speak at DEF CON 26

Presenting “Inside Monero” at DEF CON 26

The Monero project is a privacy ecosystem which consists of the Monero core team, Monero research lab, Monero hardware team, Kovri, Openalias, and several other projects and work groups. The village presents technology serving privacy-conscious novice and advanced cryptocurrency users, inviting participation in a well-equipped and comfortable environment. The Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Open Security Village (BCOS) is an effort to create a thriving community to make blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies more secure, robust and trustable. As they say at DEF CON, it takes a village to raise security level of any technology. The BCOS future is great, lets secure it.

Aside from the village keynotes, panels, workshops, and networking programs, you’re invited to stop by to learn about parties, films, prize giveaways, and person-to-person guidance regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

A variety of hardware wallets, privacy merchandise, and the official village badge (a unique split-brained programmable MCU with powered moving lights and NFC interfaced EPROM storage) will be available for sale or display. Other educational materials are available as well.

The Details


Conference: DEF CON 26
Las Vegas, Nevada
Caesars Palace & Flamingo Hotels
Date(s): August 10th, 2018
Time: 11am - 12pm
Link: Click here

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