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September 24th – 27th, ApacheCon

Shawn McKinner, Symas Software Architect, will present at the 2018 ApacheCon on “The Anatomy of a Secure Java Web Application Using Apache Fortress.” Click to learn more.

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October 8th, OpenLDAP Developer Day

Celebrating 20 years of OpenLDAP, the community is coming together in October! Meet the developer team, learn some history of OpenLDAP, and network amongst some of the brightest LDAP minds.

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October 9th – 11th, IT-SA 2018

Symas to Exhibit at IT-SA 2018 IT-SA is Europe’s largest expo for IT security and one of the most important worldwide events. Whether cloud computing, mobile and cybersecurity, data or network security, the exhibition is a unique platform for C-Level experts and IT...

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October 11th, AppSec US 2018

The Anatomy of a Secure Web Application in Java Using Spring Security and Apache Fortress The Jakarta EE architecture provides the necessary enablement but most developers do not have the time or the training to take full advantage of what it has to offer. This...

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