Symas is pleased to join Tirasa and Evolveum to form an Open Source Identity Ecosystem.

The goal is to build a marketplace where solution providers, system integrators and customers align.

Why?  Let’s be honest, things aren’t great for those relying on Open Source IAM products.  The problem is there isn’t really a complete solution.

What is a Complete Solution?

Meets the requirements of the enterprise.  Includes components from the following categories:

  1. Identity Repository
  2. Access Control and Management
  3. Provisioning

Today, if you choose to use Open Source IAM software, significant customizations are in order.

What happens next?

Add new members, build consensus and spread the word.  When system integrators deliver solution mixes to future customers, core members will alter interfaces, doc and data flows to simplify things for the next go round.  Eventually, the integration work drops off leaving more time for product enhancements.  The customer benefits because the solution is complete which reduces costs.  The ecosystem benefits because the gains boost demand for their collective goods and services.