midPoint Identity Management

Developed by Evolveum, supported by Symas.



Identity Governance, Provisioning, Audit, and Administration

We’ve partnered with Evolveum to bring our customers midPoint: A sophisticated identity, provisioning, and governance solution.

It’s the most comprehensive open Identity Management system currently available on the market and serves as the foundation of a complete Identity and Access Management solution. As an IGA (Identity, Governance, and Access Management) tool, midPoint will help you solve problems in the areas of: Identity Provisioning, Identity Governance & Compliance and Access Management. When combined with other cloud solutions it will help you with Identity Management in any cloud. Because identity is the new security perimeter, midPoint will ensure the security of your internal network and company resources.

Evolveum has named Symas the preferred global provider of operations support and provider for configuration and migration services in North America.

Symas offers both training and enterprise support for midPoint. Any Symas OpenLDAP Gold level support subscriber will receive support for their first deployment absolutely free. Learn more below.


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Evolveum offers midPoint free of charge.
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Symas offers enterprise level support for midPoint.
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Online Documentation

A full wiki site dedicated to midPoint that includes documentation, design details, a developer zone and much more. We recommend starting in the introduction section.
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Radovan Semancik provides a historical perspective of the identity management field, along with where the midPoint open source product fits in. This book provides easy to follow examples of common identity management use cases along with how midPoint can be used to achieve them. While it’s written with midPoint in mind, it covers the broad topic of IdM quite well and is recommended for anyone working on identity projects regardless of experience level or product focus.

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Watch Symas OpenLDAP and Evolveum midPoint work together to manage LDAP and non-ldap based systems and applications.

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