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A Better Choice

It used to be there were two alternatives when it came to basic OpenLDAP software on Linux:

  • Live with the OpenLDAP software that came integrated with your Linux OS and depend on your OS vendor for maintenance and support
  • Build OpenLDAP yourself, shoulder the maintenance burden, and rely on mailing lists for support

Now there’s a third option:

Replace your vendor’s OpenLDAP software packages with a compatible, fully maintained edition of OpenLDAP, brought to you by the same designers and developers who pioneered the project from the start.

OpenLDAP for Linux, by Symas

Our OpenLDAP for Linux software packages use the same configuration files and offer the same features as those that came with your Linux OS. They are available free of charge, and when paired with our OpenLDAP for Linux Support Program, they provide a full-service LDAP directory solution, from the people who understand OpenLDAP best.


OpenLDAP for Linux software packages are available for the following platforms. If you don’t see yours listed, please contact us.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and 8 on x86_64
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and 12 on x86_64

Need support for a package not listed above? We’re here for you. Symas can offer a support subscription for any OpenLDAP instance. Learn how.

Support Plans

Seeking a support contract for your OpenLDAP for Linux directories? We can help.



Developed and supported by OpenLDAP specialists


Simple installation


Rapid Switch Over


100% Open Source


Multiple budget-friendly support plans to choose from


Available source software packages (SRPMs)


Increase availability with our tighter SLAs



Maintain OpenLDAP continuity as other vendors phase out support


Your mission-critical services stay secure and available


Global support coverage

OpenLDAP for Linux, by Symas

Download OpenLDAP for Linux

Available for download 12/1/2018!

Superior Support

Browse our support packages for OpenLDAP for Linux.

Symas OpenLDAP Gold

Learn more about our flagship LDAP server, Symas OpenLDAP Gold


Our Symas team is ready to discuss OpenLDAP for Linux implementation, training, and support with you.

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Migrate to Symas OpenLDAP knowing your data is secure, performance will improve, and the technical support will be unmatched.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Symas better qualified to support OpenLDAP than my Linux provider?

Symas engineers are the principal contributors to the OpenLDAP project, and our support staff has been supporting OpenLDAP in the field for many years. When your Linux provider reports a bug, Symas engineers generally provide the fix anyway, so in a way, we’ve been supporting you all along.

Why is Symas offering OpenLDAP for Linux?

Two major Linux OS providers, Red Hat and SuSE, have announced that they’re phasing out support for the OpenLDAP server in their current and upcoming releases. We want to provide a smooth path forward for organizations that are already using OpenLDAP or thinking of using it in the future.

What’s the difference between Symas OpenLDAP Gold and OpenLDAP for Linux?

There are many differences, but in a nutshell, it comes down to this:

  • Symas OpenLDAP Gold is an enhanced version of OpenLDAP, designed for large-scale, mission-critical deployments. It has performance, stability, and feature enhancements that are not yet available in stock OpenLDAP. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is designed with those mission-critical applications in mind.
  • OpenLDAP for Linux is meant to serve as a replacement for the OpenLDAP packages provided with your Linux distribution and is designed to be compatible with that environment. It has exactly the same features as the OpenLDAP that came with your Linux OS. In addition, its SLA is less stringent, with longer resolution times than those for Symas OpenLDAP.
How often will Symas update the OpenLDAP for Linux software?

Symas will be updating the software whenever there is a new OpenLDAP release, or whenever there is a significant defect or an applicable CVE.

Are there any fees required to use the OpenLDAP for Linux packages?


There’s no fee for the OpenLDAP for Linux packages. However, if you wish to have support for your directory, a contract is required. Click here to learn about our support packages.

Will a migration to OpenLDAP for Linux be complicated?


Our OpenLDAP for Linux packages use all the same locations for configuration files and the system-provided versions of most libraries. In most cases, switching to OpenLDAP for Linux should just be a drop-in replacement.

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