OEM/ISV Agreements for Symas Offerings

Symas offers a technical support and software redistribution program to qualified original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and independent software vendors (ISVs).

This program allows OEMs and ISVs to bundle Symas packages with their offerings and receive advanced technical support for any issues their customers may encounter. The OEM/ISV handles level one and level two support; Symas handles level three.

Recommended Training Classes

If you plan to start an OEM or ISV agreement with Symas, we suggest you take advantage of our LDAP training. We’ve designed these courses to help your technical support team achieve proficiency in OpenLDAP (generally) and Symas OpenLDAP (in particular). Afterward, they’ll have the experience they need to administer these offerings within your organization.

OEM & ISV Agreement Pricing

We base the cost of these agreements per-platform per-year (not per-server).

A platform is an operating system on a family of processors. For example, Solaris on SPARC counts as one platform, no matter how many Solaris versions are supported. Solaris on x86 counts as another platform, and so on.

We would be happy to discuss other pricing arrangements — for example, per-customer pricing — as well.

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