Symas delivers best-performing, open source IAM infrastructure solutions. Our products empower customers with vendor independence and cost-effectiveness, delivering standards-compliant scalability, performance and security.

Symas OpenLDAP Directory

Symas OpenLDAP is the highest-performing, most efficient, most flexible, and most stable directory server engine on the market.

Symas Identity Manager

We work in collaboration with our partners, Evolveum and Gluu, to offer our customers secure identity access management and authentication with enterprise-grade support.

Symas Enforcement Foundry

A commercially-supported access management offering, Foundry is a production-ready implementation of the ANSI Role-Based Access Control standard.

Symas Lightning Memory-Mapped Database

An extraordinarily fast, memory-efficient embedded database with the read performance of a pure in-memory database, and the persistence of a standard disk-based database.