Accelerator: Maintain Security, Simply

Introducing the world’s first ANSI RBAC-compliant engine running inside of an LDAP server.


This Overlay, called slapo-rbac, turns OpenLDAP into an ANSI RBAC (INCITS 359) compliant Policy Decision Point.

The RBAC session data and audit trail persist inside of an LMDB instance. All state is maintained on the server, keeping things simple for the client while improving security and performance. There are fewer operations and data to transmit; the result is more efficient processing.

It’s open source, with open specifications. And with LDAPv3 extended operations, Accelerator offers multi-platform support:

  • Java
  • C (soon)
  • Python (in development)

Keep things simple for the client, while improving security and performance.

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Introducing a Security Access Control Engine Inside OpenLDAP
What operations does it perform?