Symas Identity Manager offers secure identity access management and authentication in collaboration with our partners, Evolveum and Gluu. With Identity Manager, you can simplify and automate your processes while offering single sign-on across your enterprise.

Single sign-in, multi-factor authentication, and identity management with enterprise support.

We’ve partnered with Evolveum Midpoint and the Gluu Server to bring our customers sophisticated identity management solutions, paired with enterprise level support.



MidPoint is the most comprehensive open-source identity management system on the market. It’s the basic building block of a complete identity and access management solution.

  • Identity provisioning
  • Identity governance & compliance
  • Access management
  • Management for machines & data running in the cloud

Built and sponsored by our partner Evolveum, Midpoint is now backed by commercial support from Symas.



gluu logoWe’re proud to refer our customers to Gluu, the identity and access management suite that can help you solve complex challenges around enterprise authentication and authorization.

The software is comprised of free open source components, and distributed in linux packages that are easy to install as single-server or clustered deployments.

We heartily encourage you to learn more.



Symas Enterprise Level Support

Symas can help facilitate your implementations, and more importantly, provide enterprise level support for your entire system.

Support Options

  • Professional services
  • Architectural help
  • Subscription based services
  • Feature improvements

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Lets get started.

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