LMDB Involvement in Other Projects

Beyond the LMDB backend for OpenLDAP slapd (back-mdb), LMDB has also been leveraged in the following open source projects. We’re proud that LMDB plays a role in helping these projects realize their potential.

Note, because it’s so easy to modify BerkeleyDB-based projects to use LMDB instead, the list of BerkeleyDB-based
adaptations is growing quickly. Aside from just improving existing projects though, many new projects have been
launched specifically around LMDB.

  • Cyrus SASL
    Patches posted to the SASL mailing list
  • Heimdal Kerberos
    Support is available in the development branch
  • SQLite3
    Source code available on Github
  • OpenDKIM
    Domain Keys Identified Mail, integrated since version 2.6.0
  • MemcacheDB
    Memcached with persistent storage using LMDB, on Github. Tests with memcachetest shows that LMDB is several times faster than BerkeleyDB, and faster even than the pure-memory memcached
  • Mapkeeper
    Thrift-based storage server; test results are available using the Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB)
  • Replicant
    A replicated state machine manager for HyperDex. Source code available on Github
  • HyperDex
    A reliable and fast NoSQL server (distributed key/value store). Source code available on Github
  • SQLite4
    Coming eventually
  • Postfix
    Fast and secure email server; support integrated since 2.11
  • CfEngine
    IT infrastructure automation framework; default backend as of 3.6.0
  • Redis
    Near-realtime disk persistence Second strike with Lightning, code on Github
  • Ardb
    A redis-protocol compatible persistent storage server; available on Github
  • SkyDB
    High performance analysis of behavioral data; formerly used LevelDB but switched to LMDB due to concurrency and performance issues in LevelDB
  • FineDB
    A new high-performance noSQL database built on LMDB
  • PowerDNS
    An Authoritative DNS server written in C++; delivering Very High Performance using LMDB
  • Hustle
    A column oriented, embarrassingly distributed relational NoSQL database
  • UrBackup
    A client/server file backup system
  • Consul
    Distributed service discovery and configuration
    Backup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced. Integrated in 14.2
  • Caffe
    Deep learning / computer vision / neural network
  • Monero
    Crypto currency
  • CHI-Driver
    Cache driver for perl
  • ledisdb
    Another redis clone, written in go
  • DVID
    Distributed, versioned, image-oriented datastore
  • StoreMate
    Building block for distributed storage systems
  • InfluxDB
    A distributed time series database
  • thundergraph
    Another graph DB on LMDB
  • Armory
    A Bitcoin client on LMDB
  • Cryptonite
    Another Bitcoin blockchain implementation built on LMDB
  • mod_authn_lmdb
    An Apache authentication module
  • Extenium
    Another time series database built on LMDB
  • LightningQueues
    Fast persistent queues for .Net
  • rotz
    Another graph database on LMDB
  • Whoosh
    Full text indexer in python, using LMDB
  • grapheekdb
    A fast and lightweight graph database in python
  • ngraph-lmdb
    Persistence for the ngraph graphing library
  • Slumber DB
    Key value store for JSON / REST
  • ueberDB
    A key value store abstraction layer for node.js
  • Similaria
    Scala library implementing an item-based recommandation engine
  • AngstromDB
    A tutorial/demo NoSQL database on LMDB
  • predis
    A redis clone written in perl
  • raft-mdb
    An LMDB backend for the Raft consensus protocol
  • LibPaxos
    The core of the Paxos consensus protocol
  • CryptonorDB
    Privacy-aware cloud-mobile database
  • Minerva
    A fast and flexible system for deep learning
  • KnotDNS
    High-performance authoritative-only DNS server
  • Haskell VCache
    Large, persistent, memcached values and structure sharing for Haskell
  • Flotilla
    Raft-based consensus, embedded and programmable database for building distributed databases
  • PearlDB
    A Durable HTTP Key-Value Pair Database
  • ActorDB
    Distributed SQL database with linear scalability
  • FastoNoSQL
    A GUI manager for various NoSQL databases