Symas OpenLDAP Directory brings everything you need to deploy high-performance, robust, and secure LDAP directory services on most modern platforms. Based on open source software, it’s freely available whether or not you choose to purchase a support subscription.

The most efficient, flexible and stable LDAP directory server engine available today.

Symas OpenLDAP comes as pre-compiled and fully tested libraries and installs using native OS installation tools. It’s streamlined for easy setup and administration, and supports secure authentication methods, encryption and replication.

To give you greater deployment flexibility and to help you maintain “as is” legacy environments, Symas OpenLDAP offers a choice of high-performance transaction-oriented databases, including an “old-school” database based on Oracle Berkeley DB, as well as a high-performance memory-mapped database (Symas Lightning Memory-mapped Database), based on our new open source memory-mapped b-tree technology. Both of these databases allow hot backups and automatically recover after power failures or system crashes.



  • High performance and high availability
  • Online backups
  • Easy to configure
  • Automatic immediate recovery
  • Support for secure authentication methods, encryption, and replication.
  • Significant reduction in memory requirements – typically 1/4 of Berkeley DB databases
  • Up to 20 times read performance improvements over legacy Berkeley DB deployments
  • Minimal tuning requirements
  • Excellent performance in low-memory environments
  • Compact database core that fits entirely in the L1 cache of most modern CPUs.

Gold or Silver?

Symas OpenLDAP comes in two editions. Gold is fully supported with the purchase of a support subscription. Silver is freely available, with a more streamlined feature set.

Symas OpenLDAP Gold

The most comprehensive enterprise-grade version. It includes a number of features and functions not included in the Symas OpenLDAP Directory Silver, which go well beyond basic Directory Services: implementing functions such as in-directory password policy management, attribute uniqueness, referential integrity, database translucency, attribute constraints and more. Gold also includes the back-meta and back-LDAP remote database connectivity backends.

Symas OpenLDAP Directory Gold is available under an annual subscription that includes support, maintenance and updates. Support includes maintenance releases of the binary distribution based on Open Source Software project updates. During the subscription period, subscribers have unlimited access to updated versions of the Symas OpenLDAP distributions and to defect corrections as posted.

Symas OpenLDAP Silver

A training and familiarization tool, also useful for early evaluations or proof-of-concept deployments. It’s available for free download for personal and commercial use. It comes with no support, and is not actively maintained. This package does not contain any of the more complex overlays offered in Symas OpenLDAP Gold, and it doesn’t support replication.

Visit our downloads section for a detailed feature comparison of Gold and Silver.


Platforms, Open Source Components

  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • AIX
  • Mac OSX
  • Windows
Open Source Components
  • OpenLDAP
  • Berkeley DB
  • OpenSSL
  • Cyrus SASL
  • Heimdal Kerberos

Lightning Memory-mapped Database

Learn more about Symas LMDB and the benefits it brings to Symas OpenLDAP.