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by | Apr 1, 2016 | Fortress, OpenLDAP

Fortress and OpenLDAP go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Either is good, but taken together, their flavors blend into something different, and perhaps better.

So how do we combine these two great flavors?  Using the OpenLDAP and Fortress Quickstart.  There have been many iterations of these quickstarts, dating back to when the Fortress product was first released in 2011, as part of the OpenLDAP project.

This latest quickstart was created after the move into the Apache Directory project.  It has been updated to coincide with the release of Apache Fortress 1.0-RC42.  Hopefully you will find the instructions easy to follow.  If not, let me know and I will fix.

Link to latest OpenLDAP and Fortress quickstart:


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