Welcome to Symas Enforcement Foundry

Symas Enforcement Foundry is a powerful suite of products that we’ve combined into an Open Source Access Control Stack (OSACS). Its purpose? To provide centralized control of security functions in large-scale enterprise or cloud environments (or “grids” for short).

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In other words, it’s an end-to-end solution for identity & policy storage, role-based access management and mandatory access controls.

Enforcement Foundry is based on the first production-ready implementation of the ANSI Role-Based Access Control standard (INCITS 359). As a fully open-source solution, it’s available to use without restriction.

Centralized repository. Equip your organization with the tools you need to connect your identity systems into one centralized repository, which runs efficiently and safeguards your computer operations over the grid.

Reclaim your expenses. By reducing your need for licensing and hardware, an OSACS identity strategy can reclaim tens of thousands of dollars in annual operating costs. It also saves labor, energy and space.

The latest and best. Take advantage of the opportunity to standardize on best-practice options that have only recently become available. Enforcement Foundry is the most current OSACS product on the market.

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