Packaged and Custom Services

Directory Services Upgrade

If you have an expensive, proprietary enterprise directory environment, we can help you convert it to OpenLDAP. We’ve performed complete LDAP infrastructure conversions for leading educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies. Customers rapidly recover the costs of conversion through reduced license fees, improved operations and better performance and scalability.

Included Services
  • Complete evaluation of your present directory services servers
  • Detailed plan for implementation of the new technology and conversion of existing LDAP applications and data feeds
  • Conversion of schema definitions and access control including implementation, database transfer and clean-up
  • Symas OpenLDAP Directory deployment, tuning and configuration
  • SSL certificate conversion
  • Database reload
  • Assistance with application testing
  • Operational team training (LDAP University)
  • One year of Symas OpenLDAP Directory Enterprise  support

Existing Deployment Assessment

Are you getting the most out of your LDAP deployment? Our engineers will work with your technical staff to identify deficiencies and opportunities for improvement. This service can be performed on-site or remotely, the only difference being that an on-site assessment will include travel and expense reimbursements.

Included Services
  • Detailed evaluation of your current LDAP deployment
  • LDAP-enabled applications checked for compatibility with Symas OpenLDAP Directory
  • Existing schema reviewed for problems and opportunities for improvement

New Deployment Planning

This service is a subset of our Directory Services Upgrade. Our engineers will meet with your technical staff to develop a plan for your new Symas OpenLDAP Directory deployment, while looking for opportunities to improve the overall reliability and efficiency of the LDAP infrastructure.

If we support the hardware and operating system on which your existing LDAP infrastructure is deployed, we’ll also evaluate use of the existing hardware for the new directory server.

Fixed Contract

Symas also performs work under fixed-price, fixed-delivery date contracts. For example, development contracts are often fixed. The preparation of proposals is often done under a design contract. If the scope of work is well-defined, design projects can also be fixed.

We will gladly set up a free teleconference with your team to discuss what you need.

How It Works

Fixed contracts are often used to add features to OpenLDAP or other open source software projects. The process in these scenarios usually falls into the following steps:

  • We get assurances from the project communities that the enhancements or extensions in question will be accepted by them on completion
  • We perform the development at our cost, including engineering, testing, and delivery
  • We then turn the code over to the upstream project under their normal license, with attribution to the party funding development

Development outside of this model requires higher unit costs and special support agreements.

In-progress Consulting

For short-term engagements with uncertain work scopes, our standard consulting rate is $250 USD per hour. Reduced rates for larger hourly commitments will be considered. We work either directly with enterprise end-users, or with or through OEM partners.