Symas OpenLDAP 2.4.37-1 has been released and is available for download from our portal. The following platforms are available now:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5/6 x86 and x86_64
  • Debian 5/6 x86 and amd64
  • Solaris 8/9/10 SPARC & x86  32- and 64-bit



Release notes for 2.4.37-1:

This release of Symas OpenLDAP contains the following component versions:

  • OpenLDAP 2.4.37 + patches
  • BDB 4.8.30
  • Cyrus SASL 2.1.25
  • OpenSSL 0.9.8y + patches
  • GPerftools 2.0 (Selected platforms)
  • Heimdal Kerberos 1.5.2 (Selected platforms)

Known defects in this release:

  • None.

Changes for this release:


  • No changes.


  • Fixed liblmdb nordahead flag (ITS#7734)
  • Fixed liblmdb to check cursor index before cursor_del (ITS#7733)
  • Fixed liblmdb wasted space on split (ITS#7589)
  • Fixed slapd cn=config with empty nested includes (ITS#7739)
  • Fixed slapd syncrepl memory leak with delta-sync MMR (ITS#7735)
  • Fixed slapd-mdb dangling reader (ITS#7662)
  • Fixed slapd-mdb matching rule for OlcDbEnvFlags (ITS#7737)
  • Fixed slapd-meta from blocking other threads (ITS#7740)
  • Added liblmdb nordahead environment flag (ITS#7725)
  • Fixed client tools CLDAP with IPv6 (ITS#7695)
  • Fixed libldap CLDAP with IPv6 (ITS#7695)
  • Fixed libldap lock ordering with abandon op (ITS#7712)
  • Fixed liblmdb segfault with mdb_cursor_del (ITS#7718)
  • Fixed liblmdb when converting to writemap (ITS#7715)
  • Fixed liblmdb assert on MDB_NEXT with delete (ITS#7722)
  • Fixed liblmdb wasted space on split (ITS#7589)
  • Fixed slapd cn=config with olcTLSProtocolMin (ITS#7685)
  • Fixed slapd-bdb/hdb optimize index updates (ITS#7329)
  • Fixed slapd-ldap chaining with cn=config (ITS#7381, ITS#7434)
  • Fixed slapd-ldap chaning with controls (ITS#7687)
  • Fixed slapd-mdb optimize index updates (ITS#7329)
  • Fixed slapd-meta chaining with cn=config (ITS#7381, ITS#7434)
  • Fixed slapo-constraint to no-op on nonexistent entries (ITS#7692)
  • Fixed slapo-dds assert on startup (ITS#7699)
  • Fixed slapo-memberof to not replicate internal ops (ITS#7710)
  • Fixed slapo-refint to not replicate internal ops (ITS#7710)
  • Fixed slapd-mdb ptr arithmetic on void *s (ITS#7720)
  • ldapsearch(1) minor typo fix (ITS#7680)
  • slapd-passwd(5) minor typo fix (ITS#7680)

Berkely DB:

  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • Fixed libtcmalloc missing symbols issue (Symas #2531)

Heimdal Kerberos:

  • No changes.


Status of this release:

This is a production release and is made available for general use. We
have tested it in our labs and in the field and we believe it is
suitable for use in production environments. However, as is always the
case with any software, please test it in your own environment to make
sure it meets your requirements, Maintain backups of critical data and
make appropriate provisions for unexpected outages.

Bug reports, comments, and suggestions can be submitted to support@symas.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!