We’ll Offer Free Replacement OpenLDAP RPMS for Red Hat and SuSE Affected Users

As the main contributors to the OpenLDAP code base, we’re disappointed that Red Hat and SuSE are planning to discontinue support for OpenLDAP directory server resources in their new releases and urging their customers into expensive brand-name products. 

We’re committed to the OpenLDAP community by offering:

  • FREE replacement RPMs for RHEL 7 & 8 and coming soon for SLES 15.
  • FREE access to our knowledge base and download directory.
  • AVAILABLE support plans for your existing Red Hat, SuSE, or other Linux OpenLDAP deployments.
“Symas has been the principal contributor to the OpenLDAP Project since its inception. We wrote over 90% of the OpenLDAP code that the Linux distros are shipping, and we understand it best.”
Matthew Hardin

President, Symas Corporation

Superior Support

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OpenLDAP for Linux

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From the Trusted LDAP Pioneers

For almost 20 years, Symas has paved the way in the development and implementation of LDAP and kept some of the world’s most complex directories up and running. We helped create OpenLDAP, so we won’t abandon it.

We partner with a robust group of companies to handle their directory needs.

Want to know more about Symas? Learn more about our 20 year history with LDAP.

A message from our President regarding Red Hat and SuSE removing OpenLDAP from their Linux Distributions

A few weeks ago, one of our strategic partners—a large European government and defense contractor—requested a call to discuss a big concern: the OpenLDAP server was slated to be removed from upcoming releases of Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux distributions.

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